Cogsdill appoints Kenbil Engineering as manufacturer’s representative for CA, AZ, NV and UT

Cogsdill is happy to announce that our new manufacturer’s representative in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada is Kenbil Engineering Inc. Kenbil Engineering recently acquired our former representative for this area, Schenk Intertech.
Kenbil Engineering works from their office in Riverside, CA and they employ 7 experienced technical representatives. Kenbil adds the Cogsdill line to an impressive list of other manufacturers that they also represent. Their other lines include highly reputable brands such as Rego-Fix, NSK America, Bondhus, Hougen and Royal Products, among others. Kenbil president, Dave Hauck, said “Kenbil has been in business since 1963, with current ownership since 1980. We have always had a very technical product focus. We believe that the Cogsdill line fits very nicely into our product mix and we are pleased to be able to support our distributors and customers on behalf of Cogsdill going forward.”

Former Schenk Intertech president Eb Schenk has agreed to work with Kenbil for the next year to ensure a smooth transition for the lines that Schenk carried, which includes Cogsdill. Alan Mendoza and Glen James, both formerly with Schenk Intertech, are also now working for Kenbil Engineering.

Cogsdill Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Don Aycock, said “We have always had a great relationship with Schenk Intertech and they have done a great job for us. With Kenbil taking over, this is a great opportunity because they have more individual reps who can support our distributors and customers at the local level. We look forward to working with Kenbil and are very excited to move forward with them.”