New Products

Cogsdill is pleased to announce the introduction of several new products to our expanding line of hole finishing solutions. We proudly introduce our new and complete line of skive burnishing tools.

In addition to skive burnishing, we are pleased to introduce an expanded range of diamond burnishing tools which include some new, smaller tools perfectly suited for use in swiss type machines and other machines with limited tooling envelopes. Also available are our new boring bar style diamond burnishing tools for I.D. work.

We are also offering a new face milling diamond burnishing tool option perfectly suited to burnish flat faces and milled surfaces.

Finally, we are pleased to present a new line of deep rolling tools for cold rolling thread roots!

All of the new catalogs are on our website. Please visit our catalogue section for immediate viewing of all new additions.

Our customer service team and regional managers are ready to assist you regards any information relating to our new product offerings.