Micro Burraway

All the small things

With medical, automotive and electronic applications demanding continually smaller sized holes, the new Micro Burraway series of tools will deburr both sides of even the smallest of holes in one pass. Suitable for materials such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel, titanium and even composites, these micro deburring tools suit holes ranging from .040″ (1.00mm) to .092″ (2.33mm).

Designed with a flexible blade that retracts into the arbor to adjust to the hole’s diameter, the Micro Burraway series features inexpensive, replaceable cartridges which include the blade and arbor, and a standard cartridge holder that has a larger .234″ (6mm) shank for convenient clamping. The cartridges are available in different sizes. (See below for actual tool specifications.)

The two-piece construction allows you to remove and replace a cartridge in a matter of seconds whilst the micro tool is still in the spindle, with a convenient set screw securing the cartridge’s brass sleeve within the holder.

Each cartridge features a HSS blade allowing you to deburr countless holes before the cartridge needs to be replaced. The crowned and polished top surface of the blade will not mar the inside surface of the hole. When the blade has worn, you simply remove the cartridge and insert a new one.

Micro Burraway is offered with two blade choices; Double-acting as standard (front & rear cutting) or Back-acting (rear cutting only).

How Micro Burraway tools work:

1 Upon entry, pre-loaded tension holds the cutting blade in the extended position as it removes the burr on the front of the hole.
2 As the feed load increases, the tension is exceeded and the blade retracts automatically as the tool passes through the workpiece.
3 Pre-loaded tension again causes the blade to extend as it emerges from the ID of the part; the burr is removed on the back side of the hole on the return stroke.
Interactive 3D Model

Small Hole. No Problem.

A one-pass solution for your small hole deburring applications.

Micro Burraway video highlights:

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Cogsdill Micro Burraway tools

Cogsdill Micro Burraway Cartridge Change

Micro Burraway Catalogue

We hold a range of cartridge sizes and standard holders in stock.
Available for immediate shipping!

Standard Tool Specifications

For hole sizes .040″ to .092″ (1.00 to 2.34mm)

CMB-1.00 .0400 – .0410 1.00 – 1.06 1.90 0.15 0.25
CMB-1.10 .0420 – .0440 1.07 – 1.13
CMB-1.18 .0450 – .0480 1.14 – 1.22
CMB-1.27 .0485 – .0510 1.23 – 1.31 1.97 0.16 0.31
CMB-1.34 .0520 – .0530 1.32 – 1.36
CMB-1.40 .0540 – .0560 1.37 – 1.44
CMB-1.50 .0570 – .0610 1.45 – 1.55 2.06 0.19 0.38
CMB-1.60 .0615 – .0650 1.56 – 1.65 2.10 0.41
CMB-1.70 .0655 – .0680 1.66 – 1.74 2.13 0.44
CMB-1.78 .0690 – .0710 1.75 – 1.82 2.21 0.21 0.50
CMB-1.86 .0720 – .0740 1.83 – 1.89
CMB-1.93 .0750 – .0770 1.90 – 1.97
CMB-2.00 .0780 – .0800 1.98 – 2.00 2.24 0.24
CMB-2.07 .0805 – .0830 2.04 – 2.10
CMB-2.17 .0840 – .0870 2.13 – 2.20
CMB-2.28 .0880 – .0920 2.23 – 2.34

All cartridges must be used with cartridge holder (Part # CMB-HOLDER) shown above.
All CMB Series cartridges will have a double acting blade for deburring both sides of a hole.
For back acting only CMB cartridges, please add “-R” to the cartridge number.

Replacing the cartridge

1 To replace the worn cartridge – or change cartridge diameter – simply remove the set screw with an allen key (hex-wrench).
2 Remove the cartridge from it’s holder.
3 Replace with a new cartridge and tighten the set screw. No further adjustments are required.

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