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Your safety. Our priority.

Here at Cogsdill, we believe that the safe operation of all ZX tools is paramount and our main priority is the safety of your engineers and operators. By requesting a training and installation induction, we will take you through the safe handling and interfacing of the tools to your machine, which will prevent any potential damage through incorrect use. It includes the set-up initialisation procedures and highlights operational functions and modular options – correctly preparing the tools ready for your engineers to program.

To ensure longevity and accuracy of the tools, we will go through the required maintenance procedures with your engineers, covering lubrication, tool storage and best practices.

Keeping you operational

We understand that sometimes our tools can be used in arduous conditions or with demanding materials. For added peace of mind, we also offer preventative maintenance schemes, conducted by our own qualified technicians and using genuine Cogsdill parts, at one of our manufacturing facilities. Planning an annual service schedule keeps your tools in optimal condition, helps prevent downtime, and comes with the added benefit of increasing your manufacturer’s warranty.

MBT install
generating head maintenance
neil servicing ZX
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Three strategic locations

Backed by our network of global authorized distributors, we offer full technical support across the world.

zx install
cogsdill bags
lee zx fitting

We’re always ready to help support you