Cogsdill Shefcut World Reamer.

Using the proven and time tested Shefcut reamer design, Cogsdill now adds a new twist. Shefcut precision reamers and fine boring tools have always been designed to produce accurately sized, extremely straight and round bores, with fine surface finishes. While easy to set, some customers have requested the benefits of the standard design but with easy or no adjustment.

Shefcut Non-Adjustable Reamers are designed for a specific bore diameter with no setting of the cutting blade required. The design utilizes a replaceable precision ground carbide cutting blade with 1 cutting edge. Shefcut Non-Adjustable Reamers are for applications where the bore tolerance is +/-.0005” (0.0127mm) or greater. Refer to our Shefcut catalog for our complete program of Shefcut precision reamers and fine boring tools, as well as operating instructions.